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The NoGatekeepers campaign has officially come to a close. We have come a long way in educating policymakers and consumers about the importance of preserving the Internet's qualities of openness, diversity and consumer choice in the broadband world. But the need for continued vigilance to ensure open access remains. While this chapter has come to a close, we encourage you to stay involved.

For more information on efforts to maintain openness on the Internet, see the websites of these organizations whose have played a critical role in the Open Access fight:

Thanks again for all your support.

Cable and phone companies plan to offer broadband Internet access through their high speed pipes to millions of American homes. But the cable companies don't just want to get into the Internet business, they want to become its gatekeepers.

If Cable and phone companies are permitted to restrict competition, limit consumer choice, and dictate the terms of access to their networks, consumers will be the ones who suffer. Openness, diversity, and consumer choice have allowed the Internet to flourish. Don't let the Gatekeepers take control of the Internet. Join us in the fight to preserve diversity and choice online.

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